Returning to the RED ROOTS of our Party

On July 6, 1854 on the outskirts of Jackson, Michigan upwards of 10,000 people turned out for a mass meeting “Under the Oaks.” This led to the first organizing convention in Pittsburgh on February 22, 1856. The gavel fell to open the party’s first nominating convention, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on June 17, 1856, announcing the birth of the Republican Party as a unified political force. (https://www.ushistory.org/gop/origins.htm, November 2020)

During that two-year period, the Republican Party began—a party that represents half of Americans today. And starting December 19, 2020 we have the opportunity in Pima County to put down our “red roots” and make our voices heard in our community. As a candidate for the Pima County Chair of the Republican Party, I am prepared and willing to lead the initiative to:

  1. Build our grassroots Precinct Committeemen/women and the strength of our message
  2. Reach out to all Republicans and like-minded individuals and demonstrate inclusive leadership
  3. Empower and recognize the Precinct Committeemen/women (PC) to do the jobs they are elected and appointed to do

Moving forward, when elected I will work to BUILD our red roots in Pima County, REACH OUT to all members of the party and like-minded citizens who are interested growing in the Republican Party, and EMPOWER and RECOGNIZE the men and women who have grown the red roots of Pima County, served as State Committeemen/women for the State of Arizona, and the committees and clubs that have formed to support the principles of the Republican Party. As those men and women who met in Jackson, Michigan “Under the Oaks” formed this great Republican Party, so will we in Pima County grow the “red roots” of our Party in our Arizona county.

So, why me?
As a business owner, I have worked as a change agent for large organizations for 25 years—I understand change and know how to strategically, tactically, and operationally execute building organizations during times of change. Many of my professional skills will transfer to the required skills to lead the Pima County Republican Party.

ProfessionallyInTransfers to
Hall of Fame InstructorWashington D.C.PC Training
Certified Government Financial ManagerNationwideBudgeting
American Board of Forensic ExaminersNationwideData Management
FacilitatorKES BusinessMeeting
Management Strategic PlanningKES BusinessSetting Goals
Client Relationship ManagementKES BusinessParty Relationships
Business AcumenKES BusinessFundraising

So, why now?
This is what I have prepared for. Not just through my professional experience, but also through my volunteerism and committed involvement to the Party.

Political Award
Most Valuable Player (MVP)Pima County Republican Party2019
Elected Offices
Appointed OfficeContinental School BoardJuly 2019
Elected OfficeContinental School BoardNovember 2020
Finance CommitteeArizona School Board Association2020
Precinct CommitteemanLD2, Pima County2014-Present
State CommitteemanLD2, Pima County2016-Present
Political Candidate
Republican NomineeArizona State Senate, LD 22016, 2018 (1)
Republican CandidateCongressional District 2 (Primary)2014
Volunteer Political Activity
“Republicans Moving Forward”Using ZOOM for Clubs2020
Quail Creek Republican ClubPresident2018-2020
Quail Creek Republican ClubMember2014-Present
Pima County Republican Women’s ClubMember2016-Present
Pima County Ad Hoc Advisory Team2018-2019(2)
Martha McSally for Congress CD82012
Brandon Martin for Congress CD22020
Southern Arizona Community Activity
JTED, Business Advisory Council2012-Present
Desert Thunder SquadronMember2015-Present
Desert Thunder SquadronExecutive Board2016-Present
Honorary Commander, DMAFB, 355th Medical Group2012-2014
Tucson Business OwnersExecutive Board, Secretary2020-Present
PEO, Chapter EJMember

(1) Endorsed by the Arizona Daily Star over a three-term Democrat incumbent. “…knowledgeable candidate who has clearly studied LD 2 issues and thinks in a big-picture way. Kais, when asked how she views public safety, answered in a comprehensive way. “Public safety starts when you wake up in the morning,” she said, citing a reliable electric grid, confidence that the 911 system will work if needed, and more. “It’s why we all sit here in confidence.”” https://tucson.com/opinion/star-endorsements-in-legislative-district-2-we-back-shelley-kais-john-ackerley-daniel-hernandez/article_28146c7a-130f-5599-9aef-d96bbda28a70.html

(2) Ad Hoc team of four individuals who worked to get Republicans elected. Produced the document outlining the Republican/Democrat/Catholic doctrine in English and Spanish. Advised the Chairman upon request.

How Can We Do This?

As we begin 2021, we must grow our red roots deeper and stronger than before. Many of us have become disenfranchised in our community with the overreach of our elected officials throughout this COVID pandemic. Most of us believe that our elections were stolen in 2020 and President Donald J. Trump should and maybe will be elected on January 20, 2021. What is most important is that regardless of what we think or feel, what we know is that we have lost elections consistently over the past 10 years in Pima County and Southern Arizona.

As we go through this campaign period – December 4, 2020 through December 19, 2020 – I will be discussing my plans to move Pima County forward. I will begin with an outline of the following:

Build our Pima County Republican Party.

  • Increase the number of PCs
  • Provide an on-line and in-person training program for all PCs
  • Increase the donor base in number of participants and dollars
  • Create events for Republican Party members
  • Increase our visibility in the media
  • Evaluate our current functional structure
  • Require transparency and accountability in our actions

Reach out and meet Republicans where they are and find like-minded people who are ready to join us in the fight.

  • Attract “closet Trump voters” to come out and join our fight
  • Evaluate the demographics and voter registration to look for trends (2012-2016-2020)
  • Focus group with Independents to identify the variances between R and I
  • Build a bridge for like-minded I’s to re-register as Rs
  • Build our Latino community
  • Search out our Millennials and Gen Zs in Pima County

Empower and recognize the people who have done and continue to do the heavy lifting of our Party—the PCs, the volunteers, the donors, and the candidates.

  • Build a culture of respect within the Republican team
  • Empower our party workers and provide them with the tools to do their jobs
  • Hold our LD Chairman, PCs, Executive Committee and Chair accountable for results
  • In addition to the current Recognition programs, identify how people want to be recognized

None of this can be done without our PCs, our LDs, our Executive Committee, our donors, our candidates and our volunteers. I am prepared and willing to lead the re-building of the Pima County Republican Party. Are you willing to work with me?